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Portland 3D Ultrasound offers access to superior prenatal ultrasound. Use our calculator to help pinpoint your due date. Ultrasound has been used in obstetrics for over 35 years. View 3D ultrasounds month by month.

About Us

Ultrasona Fetal Fotos is the nation’s leader in prenatal imaging offering quality, affordable ultrasounds while enhancing the traditional experience through a family-centered environment. We offer advanced 3D/4D imaging methods and a unique focus on prenatal development, health and bonding.


  • Gender determination (if desired) complimentary and guaranteed after 17 weeks.
  • YOURS TO KEEP: Print photos, digital images and DVD video of entire session.
  • Every DVD is set to music. Make it even more personal... bring your own music.


  • Advanced ultrasound system and the latest 3D/4D technology.
  • Unique focus on prenatal development, health and bonding.
  • Exclusive methods for clearer visualization of your baby.
  • The nationwide leader in prenatal imaging since 1994.


  • Comfortable surroundings with flat-screen HDTV.
  • Parent-focused and child-friendly environment.
  • Your family and friends are always welcome!


  • Referred to by local obstetricians & midwives.
  • Complete obstetric provider communication.
  • Board-Certified M.D. oversees all studies.
  • Highly trained Certified/Registered Sonographers.

Evening & weekend appointments available, call to schedule your session: 503-452-3146

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