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Portland 3D Ultrasound offers access to superior prenatal ultrasound. Use our calculator to help pinpoint your due date. Ultrasound has been used in obstetrics for over 35 years. View 3D ultrasounds month by month.

Relaxing Ultrasound Experience

"My family and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This was a great experience. I was so relaxed and my surroundings were as well. I loved that the lady who did ours Saturday on the bed by me, that made the environment much more enjoyable. You guys are great please keep up the great work. And my husband says you will see us in about 10 weeks again. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

— Theresa E.

Vancouver, WA

About Us

Ultrasona Fetal Fotos is the nation’s leader in prenatal imaging offering quality, affordable ultrasounds while enhancing the traditional experience through a family-centered environment. We offer advanced 3D/4D imaging methods and a unique focus on prenatal development, health and bonding.

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3D/4D "Weekday" Special - $150*

*Price After Website Discount - Regular Price: $165

15-20 minute weekday session
Limited medical fetal survey
Gender Determination guaranteed
3D/4D DVD video of your session set to music
All session photos saved on CD
Listen to your baby's heartbeat
Discount Certificate for a return visit

Valid for weekday appointments.
Weekday Special must be mention when calling.
Not valid with any other offer.

Can I bring my family?

This can be the most fun appointment of your pregnancy and we welcome your loved ones to be a part of this moment. Your family and friends can come and relax on our comfortable couch and watch your baby on our wall mounted flat screen LCD TV.

We also welcome children, though we do recommend that you bring someone to help with very small children. It can be a wonderful time of bonding for all involved. We do ask you to remember that this is time for you and your family and we advise you use caution in inviting anyone with whom you are not comfortable.

How early can you find the gender?

Ultrasound, for the purpose of gender determination, is optimal beginning at 17 weeks.

Our technicians are highly skilled at using the ultrasound technology to our best advantage in determining gender and, despite the inherent imperfections in any technology, have an unsurpassed accuracy rate.

8 Months - Fetal Development

Fetal Development 33 Weeks

During the eighth month, the baby's overall growth is rapid. Tremendous brain growth continues as it forms its different regions. The brain and nerves are directing bodily functions. The kidneys are mature. The skin is less wrinkled.

The baby can hiccup, cry and taste. In boys, the testicles have dropped from his abdomen. The baby is too big to move around much but can kick strong enough to be seen from the outside. At the end of this month, the baby will be about 16-18 inches long and weigh approximately 4 pounds.

Fetal Development 34 Weeks Fetal Development 35 Weeks Fetal Development 35 Weeks

Due Date Calculator

The due date calculator will approximate the date of ovulation and the due date of your baby. Please keep in mind that this is simply an estimate; always consult your physician or your prenatal care professional to more accurately assess your due date.

The Ultrasona Difference

Ultrasona Fetal Fotos offers affordable access to superior prenatal ultrasound. We perform Level I ultrasound scans and limited medical fetal surveys and compliment these services with our 3D/4D imaging. Our patients experience only the highest quality service and medical standards.

New! Development Package

Take full advantage of the capabilities of 3D/4D technology and see your baby at different developmental stages!

Our development package allows you to see the amazing growth of your baby from the second to the third trimester. Just ask for the "Development Package".

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