Ultrasona Fetal Fotos offers affordable access to superior prenatal ultrasound. We perform Level I ultrasound scans and limited medical fetal surveys and compliment these services with our 3D/4D imaging. Our patients experience only the highest quality service and medical standards.

High Medical Standards

  • All medical studies are overseen and read by a Board-Certified M.D.
  • Scans are performed by registered or certified diagnostic technicians.
  • Communication with providers through a detailed report.
  • Referred by obstetricians and midwives.

Superior Quality

  • The latest and most advanced ultrasound systems.
  • Clearer visualization through exclusive methods.
  • Ultrasound technicians with extensive 3/4D training.

Unsurpassed Service

  • Family-focused environment.
  • Attentive, professional staff.
  • We welcome friends and family.
  • Child-friendly office.
  • Yours to keep: digital images on CD and DVD video (with select packages).
  • Gender determination (if desired) always complimentary and guaranteed after 17 weeks.